Selecting a Bar / Bat Mitzvah Photographer

San Francisco Bay Area Bar / Bat Mitzvah Photographer Scott Lasky

Selecting Scott

Scott has been photographing Bar/Bat Mitzvahs since 1989, and has now photographed over 1200 at practically every temple in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. With this experience, Scott knows what to expect, and will capture beautiful and exciting photos of your family throughout the day.

Scott stays relaxed to keep you and your family relaxed too. It’s amazing how often the extended family appreciates the little things like remembering their names. Scott is great at keeping everyone at ease the entire day, leaving you secure and comfortable to enjoy this important celebration.

Pre-Event Preparation / Temple Photography Considerations

Preparation and communication are key to an easy day and great photographs and help Scott understand the flow of your event beforehand.

A few weeks before the event, your family and Scott will discuss the event schedule, family groupings (for both family photos and the Torah photos), key details, decor you want to highlight, as well as the schedule and ensuing highlights of the party. This will allow Scott to appropriately block time for all of the day's events while also freeing you up to enjoy your child’s special day. 

Scott knows all the temples in the area, and is mindful of any restrictions relating to photography. Many temples will only allow photography during a Bar or Bat Mitzvah rehearsal, but not the ceremony itself, for example. Scott will come prepared with a plan for ensuring that all of those key shots are covered while being respectful of the temple’s preferences.

Personal Portrait Session (optional)

Consider whether you want a casual portrait session of your child to display at their Bar or Bat Mitzvah (including, but not limited to, a framed signature board for all the guests to sign). If so, you may want to arrange a separate photo session with Scott. This session is a good way for Scott and your child to get to know one another and build some rapport. Plus any feedback you provide Scott is always helpful before the Bar/Bat Mitzvah day. There are a lot of beautiful places in the Bay Area! Here are samples of bar / bat mitzvah casual portraits.

Typical Bar / Bat Mitzvah Day 

Morning / Prior to Ceremony:

    • Immediate Family photos at the Temple
    • Extended Family photos at the Temple
    • Photos in front of the ark with and without the Torah (to include parents, siblings, and grandparents)
    • Photos with the open Torah (to include all aliyas)

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

Kiddush Luncheon

Evening / Celebration:

    • Decor photos upon arrival
    • More Family Photos before the party begins, along with immediate family photos with the party decor.
    • Celebration and Party Photos - including, but not limited to:
      • adult and kid candids
      • kids games
      • Hora photos
      • toasts and welcomes
      • candle lighting and presentations
      • more and more dancing!

Photography Equipment, Photo Touchups, & Editing

Scott uses the most current cameras on the market which provide the highest quality images. These cameras may be placed in “silent mode” during the ceremonies to be as unobtrusive as possible. Once back in the studio, Scott downloads and backs up all the images before the editing process begins. The selected photos are then color balanced, cropped, and straightened, so that every photo you receive looks good. Images are usually available online within one week.

Post Production and Prints

All photos are backed up in multiple locations, and are also posted online (password protected) for your family and friends to view. The photos are posted for 6 months, but can easily be extended for no extra fee. 

Depending on your preferences, Scott can provide practically any sized prints you’d like, as well as canvas mounts, wall hangings, and the high resolution digital files too. Scott also provides Keepsake Albums in 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12 sizes (other sizes upon request). The albums may be created from a variety of cover materials and colors, including a see-through acrylic cover which is the most popular. 

Once you have your photos and/or albums, Scott will look forward to hearing from you with the date for your next child’s bar/bat mitzvah. By the time the kids are done, you’ll feel like Scott is part of the family! Well, not quite… lol

Booking your event

Current clients tend to give their next child’s dates to Scott early on, and then the rest of the calendar is completed with new clients. It’s always best to reach out sooner than later to secure Scott’s services. But who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky with an open date at the last minute.