Testimonials for Scott Lasky Photography


Renata and David C.

“Scott is incredible! He is organized, thorough, and diplomatic when it comes to ensuring all those you want captured in your photos make it in. He has an ability to capture the "feeling" of the event and his photos are simply beautiful. I would highly recommend Scott for any event.”

Sarah and Cody L.

“Scott was the photographer for my wedding, and I don't think 5 stars is a high enough rating to give. He not only took incredible photos and really captured the progression of the wedding, but also gave me much needed moral and organizational support throughout the day. He managed to get some of the most rowdy people at the wedding into perfect positions for great photos, and every image from portraits to action shots was stunning. He works very hard to maintain constant communication, before, during, and after the event, and our day would not have turned out nearly as amazing as it did, had he not been there. Thank you Scott!”

Lisa and Corey R.

“Our family doesn’t do a lot of photos, and Scott did a great job gently wrangling all of us. My wife and others also mentioned how he did a good job getting photos of other people without getting in the way or making anything uncomfortable. We asked a for a bunch of other photos for families and groups and he was great at accommodating everything.” 
San Francisco Bay Area Corporate Portrait and Event Photographer Scott Lasky

Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

“We have worked with Scott Lasky a couple of times, and we always have a great experience! He is incredibly easy to work with, and produces high quality work. We will definitely use him moving forward! We have never been disappointed with our photos!”

Ilana and Loren S.

“Oh Scott I loooooove them!!! Thank you again for capturing our event and making it not just one day but something we will share with our entire family and friends for years to come . You have a special gift my friend !! Looking forward to seeing you at Micah’s bar mitzvah and all our celebrations!”

Stacy and Loren H.

“Scott photographed two bar mtizvahs for my kids. After he did such a great job on the first one, there was no question about who we would hire for the second one. Scott is a total pro, he knows his stuff, and got some really wonderful pictures. He's also very easy to work with, which is not always an easy thing to find. Highly recommend him!”

Alli and Myles W.

“Thank you again for being part of Jace's Bar Mitzvah!  We were thrilled to have you.  The pictures are great! It was a really fun party and you did a great job capturing it!”

Susan and Ofer C.

“Scott captured the joy and significance of the day at our son's Bar Mitzvah, both the ceremony and the celebration afterwards. Scott is professional, responsive, creative, and personable. His photos caught my son's natural smile and the essence of his personality. Scott connected with him during the casual session, which let us get to know each other plus provided great photos to use leading up to the event. Scott managed to take all requested family photo combinations with expertise and finesse. We received the photos in a very timely fashion, allowing us to share the memories quickly. I've used the photos from Scott repeatedly, as he really made everyone look their best. I highly recommend Scott for any event.”

Betina and Adam B.

“I can’t thank you enough for the gorgeous photos and the pleasure of working with you! I so appreciate your talent, eye, calm, and hard work to capture all of the joy that was gabby’s big day. SO grateful!”

Mark and Alicia H.

“Scott is an excellent photographer, very professional, and all-around great guy. He shot our daughter's Bat Mitzvah. Scott was very helpful as we were planning the event. And he was a superstar on the day of, tracking the flow of everything going on, getting great pics, and graciously helping out in small but important ways. Highly recommend Scott and we'll work with him again!”

Alison and Jeff F.

“Ok, I finally now have a minute to sit down and express my utmost gratitude. I HATE having my picture taken, but you made me feel so comfortable.The pictures are absolutely spectacular! Just phenomenal! I think you are the best gift the universe sent us! Thank you! With appreciation and gratitude”

Gordon and Sophia P.

“I just wanted to send you a brief note to say thank you for all of your hard work to make sure we got key family photos and for dealing with our group. Your humor, energy, and calmness made Sophia and I able to relax knowing we were in good hands for photos. Even my Aunt noted the next day how great of a photographer we had that knew Bat Mitzvahs” Can’t wait to do this again!”


“These are fabulous, thank you!” 

Anne and Brian R.

“These are wonderful! Thanks so much, makes us very happy.”

Marci N.

“The photos are fantastic. I really appreciated how easy you were to work with and yet very professional. It was such a relief off my shoulders at how closely you were paying attention to everything and capturing all the right moments. I did not take one photo with my phone the entire day, except at home. I wanted to be in the moment the whole day and not with my nose in my phone. And I clearly made the right choice! Thank you so much!”


“I'm looking again at Sam's Bar Mitzvah photos from 3 years ago. They are so FABULOUS! Thank you again for capturing the milestone even so beautifully.”

Ann and Dave

“Your photos are wonderful! We are so glad you took our photos!”


“Scott, this are fantastic!! Wow! You captured everything I wanted and you were so good about all the people, it was like you knew who they were and who went together. Thank you so much! I’m glad you had as much fun as us, I know you worked really hard. A million, million thanks!! We will send this around to the family now. Everyone will be so excited to see themselves. My brother says that the measure of a great photographer is the ability to make even those of us that are goofy looking look good! He was really impressed what you captured and all without getting in the way of the festivities.”

Naz and Pat H.

“These look great! We just did a quick flip-through but can already spot several favorites. We're very grateful for your time and talents!”

Esther and Jeff

“We engaged Scott Lasky for both my son’s Bar Mitzvah in 2012 and our twin daughters Bat Mitzvah in January 2017.  Scott was incredibly professional making sure everyone was included in the photographs.  It is very comforting having someone with extensive experience at an event when there are many moving parts.  The photographs were amazing and the service outstanding. I highly recommend Scott Lasky!”

Sherri and David W.

“Thanks Scott. I appreciate all of your hard work. Samantha looked at the pics and even said, “I didn’t know Scott was standing there.”  I told her that was a sign of a good photographer. You captured everything!”

Victoria C.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We really love the pics!”

Nancy and Darwin M.

“Scott has photographed our family events for the past 27 years. He is very professional and has an incredible eye for the perfect pictures. The photo albums of our family weddings and parties are truly a wonderful memory. THERE IS NOBODY BETTER!!!!”

Nicole and Amir R.

“Scott is a true professional.  He was the official photographer for both of my kids’ bar/bat mitzvahs.  Not only did he take beautiful photographs – at the service, at the Kiddush luncheon and at the evening party – he also helped guide our family through the events.  He was patient with late relatives, calm under pressure and helped capture memories for our family that will last a lifetime.  I highly recommend Scott as a professional and a wonderful person!” 

Adean and Ben

You are the best!

Daren and Mitch

Scott photographed my daughters Bat Mitzvah and did an incredible job of capturing the event. he dealt with two families sharing in this occasion and managed to photograph each of our family and friends beautifully. There were many kids, lots of loud music and distractions and Scott managed to work around all of it and deliver pictures to both families that really captured the beauty, spirituality, and fun of the entire service and party.

Jamie and Jonathan

Scott was great with our large family! He made the time to get all of the photos we wanted and kept us on schedule. We love the album too!

Carol and George

I can’t say enough great things about Scott Lasky as a person, and a photographer. He completely captured every detail of our magnificent day. He worked closely with our family, our temple clergy and the event planner at our party venue. He captures the small details, the look shared between a parent and their child to the smiling faces of all the guests. Scott is a trusted professional who produces excellent work.


“Thank you for helping us with this event! We really appreciate your professionalism and flexibility in the planning and execution of the photography of the LES annual meeting, allowing us to preserve many great moments for our members”

Jan and Andy


Diane and Jeff

Thanks for dropping off the album. Pictures look great. Thanks for photographing a very special day for Benny. I so appreciate all your great photos and your help.


We just looked at the album–it turned out beautifully. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much!

Liza and Jeff

Wow Scott, we are never going to decide. There are too many great shots!

Judy and Mark

The photos look great — thanks for being so organized on Saturday… event went great.

Carol and Jeff

It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you so much for your outstanding and professional work.

Esther and Bobby

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know what a great job you did on Natalie and Jonathan’s albums. They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for doing such an amazing job.

Randi and Aaron F.

Thank you so much for everything and for all the AMAZING photos. Your patience and professionalism on Sat morning and Sat evening was awesome. I know there were a couple of things to take into consideration, and everyone felt included and part of the process… the quality and what you captured is awesome! Can’t imagine anyone would hire anyone else to do their photography for their special day in the Bay Area.

Nathan D.

I am a witness to Scott’s professionalism and creative mind behind the lens. He knows the shot he wants, coordinates with the host(s), and gets the job done rapidly and rewardingly. Great job at an amazing event!
Scott Lasky Photography - bar & bat mitzvah photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area

Marlene T.

First let me tell you how awesome I think you are. You were so calm and cool at the photo shoot in the morning and so ‘all over the action’ at night.

Maria and Alex Y.

“Thank you Thank you Thank you! The pictures are amazing- you captured every single moment of the Bar Mitzvah! These pictures seem alive! Hard to pick a favorite picture – we love them all!”